Quantum-resistant cybersecurity solutions for the IoV
Quantum computers are a real threat to the connected transport industry
New generations of computing devices - quantum computers - will be able to crack existing methods of information protection due to fundamentally new circuitry and logic of operation. Within the next few years, many traditional cryptographic algorithms such as key distribution, asymmetric encryption, and electronic signatures will become completely insecure.

Data with a storage lifespan of 5 years or more, as well as their transmission channels, must be protected now — an attacker can save the data files today and decrypt them later when he gains access to a quantum computer.
Key risks
Personal data theft
  • Geolocation data;
  • Financial data;
  • Data from integrated entertainment systems.
Vehicle hijacking
Hacking of electronic access keys.
Manipulation of security systems
  • Cruise control;
  • GPS services;
  • Climate control.
Hacking mobile apps
Exploiting various vulnerabilities in mobile client services.
The integration of quantum-resistant cryptography is critically important at the early design stages of vehicle information system architectures.

Our solutions for protecting the IoV
V2X Communication Channel Protection
Software and hardware-software gateways that perform quantum-secure encryption of data transmitted to the outside world.
Solutions for protecting the company's infrastructure
A software solution for organizing secure communications between the company's offices as well as for providing remote access to the corporate network for employees.
Secure cloud storage and document sharing solution.