Qtunnel brings the new level of cybersecurity to your business
The best in class protection from quantum threat for end-to-end secure data transfer with post-quantum cryptography in its core

The future is closer than you can imagine
Quantum threat is coming
The development of quantum computing and upcoming construction of quantum computer creates the high risk for cybersecurity of the whole kinds of connections worldwide.

Hackers are able to get sensitive data of companies and government by breaking connections secured with help of classical cryptography.

That's where our solution comes in: Qtunnel mitigates risks from quantum threat making data transfer quantum-safe.
Introducing Qtunnel
It's a client-server application for making the quantum-safe data transfer for your business.
Qtunnel keeps data transfer of your business quantum-safe
Post-quantum cryptography in its core helps to build the protection from quantum threat.
Powerful enough quantum computers will be able to break the classical cryptography. Qtunnel uses PQLR SDK with a NIST compliant post-quantum algorithms, creating the resistance to the attack with help of quantum computer.
Flexible Integration
Qtunnel supports wide range of environments, allowing integration of the product to the wide range of server-side infrastructures.
Custom Experience
Browser extension allows users to control the quantum-safe connection with an ability to set a custom branding.
What You'll Get
A Browser Extension with
a Client-Side Application
A client-side of the Qtunnel contains browser extension and client application. The browser extension helps to control the status of the quantum-safe connection, while client application works as a local proxy server and tunnels your data in a quantum-secure way to your server infrastructure.
A Server-side Application
A server-side application helps to enable the quantum-safe connection between server infrastructure and client.
Variety of Industries
We are constantly extending areas of application
Internet of Things
Hacking any of the IoT infrastructure components inevitably leads to the compromise of information, so all components at different levels must be protected.
Finance & Banking
The transaction documents are full of private and sensitive data. They have to be protected to mitigate the risk of quantum attack and the following compromise of the information.
Internet of Vehicles
The integration of quantum-resistant cryptography is critically important at the early design stages of vehicle information system architectures.
Big Data
Data with a storage lifespan of 5 years or more, as well as their transmission channels, must be protected now — an attacker can save the data files today and decrypt them later when he gains access to a quantum computer.
Why Choose Us?
We are making the product with the scientific-grade precision
and quality.
Our sales and RnD teams are always ready to answer your questions.
Members of your team has up to 25 years of experiences in cybersecurity, including post-quantum and classical cryptography.
Be ready for new era of cybersecurity!