Quantum-resistant cybersecurity solutions for the Blockchain Economy
The volume of data is growing rapidly, and the value is increasing
More than 40% of blockchain project data needs enhanced protection
Cryptographic protection requires the most attention
Quantum computers pose a real threat to the security of blockchain projects
Quantum computers are a real threat to the Blockchain Economy
New generations of computing devices - quantum computers - will be able to crack existing methods of information protection due to fundamentally new circuitry and logic of operation.
Within the next few years, many traditional cryptographic algorithms will become completely insecure.
Key distribution
Asymmetric encryption
Digital signature
The whole world is involved in the «quantum race»
Tech giants invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the development of quantum computers. Some solutions are already available for sale and via cloud access.
The International Certification Institute NIST is actively conducting a global program to evaluate the quality of quantum-resistant algorithms.
Data with a storage lifespan of 5 years or more, as well as their transmission channels, must be protected now — an attacker can save the data files today and decrypt them later when he gains access to a quantum computer
QApp company already provides complex quantum-resistant cybersecurity solutions for blockchain economy projects
Our software solutions are based on post-quantum cryptography algorithms
Each of the solutions allows you to protect your users' data from attacks using quantum computers
The cryptography inside our solutions is based on mathematical algorithms that are impossible for both classical and quantum computers
We offer solutions for both key distribution and digital signature (both for infrastructure projects and for the final products of the blockchain economy)
Our post-quantum solutions do not require the purchase of new expensive hardware, as in the case of using quantum cryptography
Hacking any of the components of the blockchain infrastructure inevitably leads to the compromise of information, so all components at different levels must be protected.

Our solutions are based on PQLR SDK (QApp unique library of quantum-resistant algorithms)
Cross-platform support and portability
Integration in OpenSSL (TLS 1.3, KEM, EDS)
Regular updates and easy integration
Our library contains up-to-date quantum-resistant algorithms.
We test the most promising algorithms and regularly add them to our library. At the same time, we work on simplifying the integration process.
We optimize each added quantum-resistant algorithm without loss of reliability.

QApp team provides a full spectrum of consulting services on quantum-resistant cybersecurity solutions for blockchain-economy companies
Comprehensive cybersecurity audit
Benchmarking quantum-resistant cybersecurity solutions
Preparing analytical conclusions and developing a strategy for integrating quantum-resistant cybersecurity
Carrying out educational workshops about quantum technologies