Quantum workshop

Immersion in quantum technologies, threats of quantum computers, and post-quantum cryptography. In simple terms from industry experts.
Workshop duration: 1 day (3-6 hours)
Preparation: 2 weeks
Languages: English
Workshop program
30 minutes plus
30 minutes plus
  • General information about the QAPP company
  • Program and objectives of the workshop
  • Organizational matters
30 minutes plus
30 minutes plus
Introduction to Quantum Technologies:
  • Basic paradigms of quantum physics
  • How a quantum computer works

The relevance of quantum threat:
  • What is a «quantum threat»?
  • Which industries are the most vulnerable and why?
  • Typical threat models
  • Protection options
  • Current technological situation
  • The current situation in science
1 hour plus
1 hour plus
Post-quantum cryptography
Traditional cryptography
  • Short introduction and basic concepts of the subject area
  • Which algorithms of traditional cryptography are vulnerable to cyberattacks by quantum computers and why?

Post-quantum cryptography
  • Short introduction and basic concepts of the subject area
  • Methods for verifying the stability of the algorithms
  • Traditional and post-quantum cryptography
  • Quantum and post-quantum cryptography

The current situation on standardization of post-quantum cryptography:
  • NIST Competition
  • The situation in the world
  • The main trends in the certification
30 minutes plus
30 minutes plus
QApp Products and Services
A short overview of QAPP products and services:
  • Security system audit
  • Counter-quantum strategy development
  • Library of quantum-resistant algorithms
  • Other products

Analysis of a case of data protection against cyberattacks by quantum computers.
30 minutes plus
30 minutes plus
Technical demonstration
Demonstration of our software solutions
1 hours plus
1 hours plus
Questions and Answers

Format of the event
Online or offline
Duration: 1 hour plus
Group: up to 20 people
Speakers: 1-3 people
Break included
      Offline venue
      • At the Quantum Center location
      • At the client's location
        Required knowledge
        • Basic computer skills
        • The desire to understand the topic
        Optional services
        • Testing of webinar trainees
        • Recording and/or broadcasting of an on-site workshop
        • Simultaneous translation
        • Catering services
        • Program extension
        Completed workshops