Developing and piloting quantum-resistant cybersecurity solutions
The software solutions developed by our company provide comprehensive protection of transmitted and stored data from attacks using a quantum computer.
  • security infrastructure audit;
  • threat model development;
  • protection strategy development;
  • selection of optimal protection methods against quantum threats.
Integrated project development of software solutions:
  • system design (architecture, specifications);
  • user interface (if necessary);
  • testing;
  • integration;
  • technical support.
Piloting prototypes and final solutions in the regulatory "sandboxes" of business and government.
Implementation of the PR effect based on the results of the pilot project:
  • preparation of press releases;
  • media search;
  • pitching to journalists;
  • preparing and holding Q&A sessions;
  • tracking coverage;
  • preparation of reports.

The relevance of the quantum threat

The soon appearance of a new generation of computing devices – quantum computers – call into question the possibility of using modern cryptographic algorithms and software solutions based on them.

In this way, the widely used cryptographic data protection infrastructure requires switching to special quantum-resistant cybersecurity solutions.
Information transmitted today in encrypted form using solutions that are not resistant to quantum computer attacks can become available if an attacker has access to a quantum computer.
Our solution areas include:

  1. Quantum-protected virtual communication channels;
  2. Quantum-resistant authentication;
  3. Quantum-secure corporate communications and document management;
  4. Quantum-resistant data storage;
  5. Integrated quantum-resistant protection of the Internet of Things infrastructure;
  6. Quantum-resistant security mechanisms for quantum cryptography devices;
  7. Quantum-resistant products for blockchain economy;
  8. Quantum-resistant cryptographic servers.

Stages of a typical pilot project