Quantum-resistant cybersecurity solutions for the IoT industry
The number of IoT devices is growing rapidly worldwide
The importance of the data increases — IoT devices become smarter
IoT devices are difficult to update and have a long lifecycle
Quantum computers pose a real threat to IoT devices
Quantum computers are a real threat
New generations of computing devices - quantum computers - will be able to crack existing methods of information protection due to fundamentally new circuitry and logic of operation. Within the next few years, many traditional cryptographic algorithms will become completely insecure.
Key distribution
Asymmetric encryption
Digital signature
The whole world is involved in the «quantum race»
Tech giants invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the development of quantum computers. Some solutions are already available for sale and via cloud access.
The International Certification Institute NIST is actively conducting a global program to evaluate the quality of quantum-safe algorithms.
An attacker can save the IoT data now and decrypt it later
The QAPP already provides integrated quantum-resistant cybersecurity solutions for the IoT infrastructure
Hacking any of the IoT infrastructure components inevitably leads to the compromise of information, so all components at different levels must be protected.

Inside our solutions — PQLR SDK (a unique development of QApp)
Support for X86 ARM, Linux,
other platforms and portability
Integration in OpenSSL (TLS 1.3, KEM, EDS)
Regular updates and easy integration
The existing cryptography inside IoT devices is not resistant to quantum computer attacks
Our library contains up-to-date quantum-resistant algorithms.
IoT devices are difficult to update and have a long lifecycle
We test the most prospective algorithms and regularly add them to our library. At the same time, we work on simplifying the integration process.
Strict limits to the performance of IoT software
We optimize each added quantum-resistant algorithm without loss of reliability.
Wide range of equipment and platforms
We provide cross-platform solutions.
The update process is vulnerable
We provide firmware signing tools.
Limited software tools
Modularity and custom build for the needs of the customer.
QAPP provides a full range of consulting services on quantum-resistant cybersecurity solutions for the IoT industry
Comprehensive audit:
  • current post-quantum information security infrastructure;
  • security strategy development.
Benchmarking information security solutions:
  • current customer solutions;
  • QApp solutions;
  • competitors' solutions.
Preparing analytical reports:
  • potential attacks and the approach to damage evaluation;
  • analysis of solutions used by competitors;
  • trends in the development of quantum technologies for the industry;
  • aggregation and explanation of current scientific research in the field of quantum technologies for the industry.
Carrying out the workshops:
  • current quantum technology status and trends;
  • joint selection of optimal solutions and definition of the structure of pilot projects.