QApp Affiliate Program
Take your information security business to the next level. Earn more. Protect your customers' data from cyberattacks using quantum computers. Together with QApp.
For System Integrators
Companies implementing complex IT projects for big business and Government.
For Technology Partners
Developers of software and hardware solutions with an emphasis on a high level of cybersecurity.
For IT-Сonsultants
Companies and independent consultants with a wide partner network in the Russian Federation and other countries of the world.
Cybersecurity Solutions Market based on post-quantum cryptography is growing rapidly
$ 9,5 млрд
Capacity of the global market for quantum-resistant information security solutions by 2028
Most organizations today are not ready for cyberattacks using quantum computers
Annual growth of the market for quantum-resistant information security solutions
We implement an integrated approach on quantum resilient data protection of B2B and B2G customers
We conduct a cybersecurity audit
We develop a protection strategy
We supply quantum-resistant software
We provide technical support
We work with leading companies in various industries
Partnership with QApp - Your Unique Competitive Advantage
Expand your portfolio of products and services with the latest information security solutions that can resist both classical and quantum attacks.
Progressive return
The sale of QApp products and services generates high commission income. The ability to gradually increase revenue from one client.
Sales support
Active involvement of QApp specialists at all stages of cooperation. Trilateral meetings with clients.
Consulting and training
Timely answers to questions. Access to unique educational materials.
Assistance in promotion
Assistance in conducting joint marketing activities.
Be proactive
The post-quantum cryptography market is one of the fastest growing segments of the information security market.