Development of a strategy for protecting corporate information systems from cyberattacks using quantum computers
The horizon of the provided strategy:
5 or more years
Format for providing the result:
1. Analytical conclusion
2. Carrying out the workshop
Project duration:
3 months
Quantum computers are actively developing and pose a real threat to the security of corporate data
More than 40% of corporate data needs enhanced protection. Cryptography requires special attention.
Quantum computers already exist. Tech giants continue to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in their development.
Due to their revolutionary architecture, quantum computers are able to crack traditional cryptographic algorithms.
A lot of data encrypted using traditional methods becomes completely insecure.
Data protection requires special quantum-resistant cybersecurity solutions.

A number of factors prevent companies from implementing quantum-resistant cybersecurity solutions in a timely and correct manner

The company does not realize the risk of attacks using quantum computers due to a lack of awareness of the technology development.
The company incorrectly estimates the financial risks of a data leak.
The company does not have a long-term cybersecurity strategy or its current strategy does not include protection against quantum attacks.
The company does not see the full range of possible attacks.
The company incorrectly estimates the timing and cost of projects to implement quantum-resistant solutions.
The company incorrectly estimates the data lifetime.
The company is not informed about the presence of professional specialized vendors in the market of quantum-resistant cybersecurity solutions.
A quantum-resistant cybersecurity strategy will help you protect your data in a timely and reliable manner
The structure of the analytical conclusion and the program of the workshop
Cryptography and information security
  • Encryption. Authentication and keys. Asymmetric cryptography.
  • The main threats when using classical cryptography.
  • Comparison of traditional, quantum, and post-quantum cryptography.
Quantum technology market
  • General trends in the development of quantum computers.
  • Trends in post-quantum cryptography.
Science and media about quantum technologies
Providing all important publications about quantum-resistant solutions with our expert comments.
Security risks and priorities
  • Priorities of protection of the main channels and protocols of corporate data transfer.
  • Problem-solving methods.
  • Methods for estimating losses.
Implementation cases for industrial competitors
  • Solution types.
  • Vendors.
  • Who and to what extent finances and implements the pilot projects and scientific research on quantum and post-quantum cryptography.
Recommendations for the implementation of quantum-resistant solutions in the corporate infrastructure.
Benefits of a quantum-resistant cybersecurity strategy for your company
You will be aware of the relevance of the risks presented by the quantum computer and the hacking of classical cryptography.
You will gain a real understanding of the dynamics of the development of quantum technologies and quantum-resistant cybersecurity solutions in Russia and the world.
You will be able to make the right decisions faster to expand your company's cybersecurity strategy.
Your key cybersecurity staff and innovation specialists will expand their competencies.
The requirements for the pilot projects will be on a higher quality level.
You will have an artifact that you can refer to in future communications inside the company and with third-party solution providers.

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