Consulting project for Bosh
«Future PKI system architecture for industrial systems within post-quantum world»
Client: Bosch
Project status: Completed
Main indicators for project launch

Quantum computing technologies are a sufficient threat to current public key cryptography protocols. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is an essential part of security systems for securing production environments.
Project results

Within the framework of the project, we have analyzed the impact of the quantum threat on public key infrastructures (PKI) of Bosch industrial information systems and solutions by Bosch supplied for the benefit of industrial partners.

We have analyzed the information security problems of existing models with an emphasis on the requirements for their transition to quantum-resistant solutions as soon as possible.

Notwithstanding that our main focus was on attacks using quantum computing, we also analyzed a number of information security aspects that were not directly related to the cryptographic algorithms used, but they are important for the overall PKI security of the client company.

A set of information security recommendations for PKI systems was presented in terms of resilience to attacks using quantum computers..

Results are represented in publications as follows:

Towards security recommendations for public-key infrastructures for production environments in the post-quantum era
Published: EPJ Quantum Technology (a Springer Open Journal)

Steps towards post-quantum security
Published: Springer Open Journal
A.K. Fedorov.

Press releases:

Steps towards post-quantum security
Published: The European Physical Journal (EPJ Quantum Technology)